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冰心笺马蹄清洗机Xun yu looked at liu xie, shook his head and sighed."Rightness, the ball skill so, the knowledge so, the martial arts, the person, all be so, your father I also be after 30 years old just beginning to understand some truth gradually, you now just eight years old, want to walk to be father half life road, feel feasible?" Lv bu smiled."Get out! Zang bully forward, in the hands of steel into a residual film, hard in a warrior's armor, only hear a loud rumbling, Zang bully only both hands are put on the sound of the shock force of pins and needles, almost can not hold a gun, the soldier was shot by him, thrown off the ground, fractured chest armor, and impact on the wall body, growled fell down from the wall, let out a whoop of violent rumbling sound.

"Water attack can also try, I see their camps are wood, if water attack, will be able to destroy. "Said another aide.See zhaoyun ride horse came to the center of the game, waving a flag loudly way: "the battle of the young strike ju, now start, the two sides golfers in position!""Er... "Lv meng looked at zhou yu, confused.冰心笺"Well."

冰心笺Zheng xuan zheng slightly, and then suddenly, indeed, here is the college, with academic level, points to his birthright, inherited, even lyu3 bu4 entrance, also after strict examination, to worship in colleges, the son of lu bu still such, let alone others, lyu3 bu4 play their own face, that then maybe it's a crazy.Yang bo complexion some hair green, at the moment wei yan has rushed to the front, has fled no way to escape, can only bravely face up with a gun."Jingle ~" in a sound of crack, Yang bo both hands tiger mouth crack, long gun off hand but not, face big and terrible, want to adjust the horse to flee for life when, wei yan has caught up, laugh, as carrying chicken general Yang bo picked up, in a group of close guard frightened eyes, directly with Yang bo return to this array.

"Well!" Tiger guards agreed, turned around and strode away, several tiger guards dragging the dead dog will be pulled away.Wei yan tall, for a time can not find the right clothes, can only find a similar clothes to put on, it looks a little nondescrip.冰心笺





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