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孙俪方否认签约|宜品旗舰店"Mr GongTai in the name of the general mansion, life and wen yuan, each up five thousand, respectively garrison fu ping, mud yang, waiting for the rescue d, will not let the whole territory of the west cool fall into the hands of Korea hence." Seibel stationery to xu sheng, said with a smile."Set fire!" ChengTou, a cold voice did not reach the gate, but the next moment, with hundreds of torches thrown from ChengTou, followed by the flames of the sky with countless screams, the fiery battlefield instantly turned into a piece of purgatory, followed by ChengTou, there are countless figures, a ladder in the screaming of the west cool army was pushed down the wall.A line of military forces is from the front, suddenly a mess in front of a messy soldiers.

"Father, you want us?" Outside two military commanders came in, led by a 20-year-old youth, sword eyebrows star eyes, a brocade robe, although is a childe dress, but between the steps but faintly permeated with a few jingo gas, behind him, young, but has a mature gas."Lu Xiong saw the god day general!" The general is a qiang warrior, although Korea hence subordinates, but the horse father and son in qiang people prestige is quite high, especially d, when he was young with knife to kill, when he was a teenager has vertical and horizontal battlefield, to now, in the qiang people's prestige, hidden has covered his father marten potential....孙俪方否认签约|"On behalf of the huns will no longer fear, Can be in Jincheng, west Gansu, Hanyang, All the way into the West Cool, Xiongnu is how to treat the han people, I think I don't need to say, you should be very clear, once we retreat here, you can protect a life, but our family, our hometown, will cry and cry under the shoes of the huns, our children will be brutally killed by the huns, our wives will be spoiled by the huns! "

孙俪方否认签约|"No, not enough." Giffin smiled and said, "Tomorrow is the day of the annual sacrifice of Baishui Qiang. In this sacrifice, the most beautiful woman of the Qiang people will be chosen, and then the Qiang warriors will fight for it. As long as they can win the final victory, they will get the most beautiful woman of the Qiang people. Xu hopes that the master will bring back the beauty.""General Zhou Cang, this time, you have established a great merit." Wei yan some depressed glance at zhong yao, originally should be his captive, who knows met seibel halfway along the way, but finally was originally nothing to do with the matter of zhou cang zhong yao to tackled, at the moment also can only force a smile way: "This person is zhong yao.""Pip-pip ~"

"This has said before, qiang han, the general is to encourage intermarriage." Lyu3 bu4 doubtful looked at giffin."Master so said, Xu is remind of a person, or can help master." Giffin heart a move, said with a smile."Liang Hsing!" D red eyes staring at the defenders of the city wall, roared: "One day, I will put you up and down the door, all live cut! If you break this oath, it will be so arrow!"孙俪方否认签约|




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