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2013315|彩色油泥Yang song bowed his head and said, "the general situation is over. The enemy has no siege equipment, but the crossbow is enough to suppress our army."Since it is Mr. Ziyang, how to deal with the next can not make the decision, if Mr. Ziyang is willing, the general will send someone to escort Mr. Ziyang to luoyang, decided by the Lord. Zhang liao arch hand way.Zhaoyun a few face twitches, shook his head, for the good friend, also is very helpless, the more capable person, the impulse of a certificate to prove their value, to lu bu pang tong is not seriously, and even let him and cao cao and giffin, Chen gong around the two lyu3 bu4 tied for senate veteran confidant, a lot of well-being, is to pang tong to do, although pang tong to complain, but actually move slow than anyone, but that doesn't mean pang tong don't hope one day to the leading an army, in the western regions, zhaoyun but seen military talents, pang tong Addis can strong xianbei people oppression at the time, Sheng sheng from the xianbei hands for lu bu to lay the foundation of the pacify the western region, pang tong can not do without, such a figure, in this five years, but has only participated in politics, failed to sole charge of the army, mo said zhaoyun, lu lingqi for him some regret.

The remaining archers quickly spread out on the two wings, while one of the shields tried to reach inside the gate.Lv bu shook his head and said, "as far as the general knows, the new emperor of guishuang kingdom was not long after he ascended the throne. He was driven out of the royal court by the nobles of guishuang because of his impure blood."It was confirmed months ago that there were no survivors." Chen gong sighs with blank face and looks towards Chen GUI with deep sympathy. All of a sudden, the hatred is gone.2013315|"How?" Pang tong said with a smile, "that Yang ren is still in the hands of our army. His elder brother Yang song is a big family in hanzhong. He is good at collecting wealth and is very good at deluding zhang lu.

2013315|"See the Lord! Class head by a group of monks gas not light, see someone ask, not good gas want to drink scold, just when see lv bu of time, not from frighten a jump, a group of people hurriedly kneel down.Lv bu nodded and looked at LAN zhan, saying, "this matter is related to my guanzhong tens of millions of people's livelihood.< / p > < p > too much doubt let xiahou yuan not its solution, the mood depressed, xiahou yuan with people out to inspect the barracks, morale is generally not high, yesterday morning on the time of the loss of 6,000 troops, for the cao army, the morale of the blow is too big.

In fact, zhang liao was too worried. Although cao cao's industrial level was second only to that of lu bu, he could not promote lu bu to the whole army in terms of productivity and research and development cost. At least, it could be imitated in a short time and at most several elite regiments could be built.This is used to represent a period of the strong, not only refers to the martial arts, he pacified huiyong, cool, horse step the huns, the Wolf in the professional, divided lombardi, as the years lyu3 bu4 constantly sending the guanzhong culture to the kanto region, regardless of family willing to admit, lyu3 bu4 impact on the world, already in imperceptible in, with all kinds of consumer goods and the guanzhong area gradually penetrated to all over the world, lyu3 bu4 also look not to come out in the guanzhong before, but with lyu3 bu4 moved seat to luoyang, zhongyuan governors, and even family feels a pressure at the same time.2013315|




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