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神墓续机器人手拉车Chang-an, a plow on, in a lot of people are curious eyes, erected a building up to three zhangs, in a couple of craftsmen, under the command of the faces huge canvas was fixed in the relation of cross bar, as the canvas, driven by wind, slowly turn, drives the inside of the bearing, the voice of the machine including friction, sounds a bit harsh."No, the king of yueyi would like to take some people away, but I didn't let him. The yueyi people now look at their Lord as if he were their god. There is no command from the Lord. Hand laughed."Poof ~"

"Don't you dare! The ugly young man can not say words, the bodyguard can not do, a knife to draw, waiting for lu lingqi nu way.The mind of one person is not easy to control, the mind of a group of people is more difficult to unite, but it is easier to do than to control the mind of a person.This day, Addis with folding back to xiangyang, light black truth be lyu3 bu4 said don't know how many times, Addis exploits JingXiang the blind area, with a bold run to xiangyang, a few days, and not nap, a group of girls had outplayed, Addis let Li Shuxiang hid with people outside the city, in order not to attract attention, in a suit men's clothing, to the town to buy some supplies.神墓续"You...... "Lu lingqi looked at pang tong angrily.

神墓续"What a life and death! A clear and crisp cheers, a dozen of the arrow will be close to the hu people accurate shooting, a female will be under the legs to start a prairie fire, in the hand is also a silver gun, like the wind rushed to the man's side, silver gun in the hand even flash, will be close to the xianbei knight all pick kill."This is the strategy of our han people," he said. Hey hey...... "Rare ye second article, to the end can not go on, the army han embarrassed smiled and said:" the han sui under the general, in fact, in the forecast did not prepare to catch, there is a li kan is enough, who knows in the chaotic army was surrounded by your people, tomorrow also have to find a way to put him back.Chapter 52 the return of lv bu

's heart is in this way, the seeds of distrust, once planted in your heart, then tiny difference will be infinite amplification, Korea hence with people, actually is also in order to avoid burning out qiang, p. o just conspiracy theories, and discuss with teammates before pit habits, the most important thing is, when burning back and forth combined loss is beyond the burning when pharaoh to afford.Outside chang 'an, Chen gong stopped lv bu and said, "my Lord, when we go back, we need to take an hussar with us.""But, as I said, you were only selected at first, and only three hundred men for the cavalry!" Lv bu looked at these men and said in a deep voice, "only the best soldiers are qualified to enter my hussar camp.神墓续




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