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累了不要见外|二手越野卡丁车At this moment, liu zhang heart gives birth to an indescribable panic, he received the ground of chengdu now the wealth of above 90%, but until the enemy arrives at the city when, liu zhang just suddenly is startled feel, oneself is in capture these wealth while, also lost heart however.Deng xian has made a decision at the moment, naturally did not refute pang tong's truth, the moment point guest host sit down, smile way: "I do not know Mr. Shi yuan this, exactly why?"Pang tong nodded, deng xian, ling bao in the military prestige after all less than zhang ren, although now occupied chengdu, chengdu north are all surrendered, but south of chengdu, ba county around the generals and officials did not say.

"What if, I say what if... "Wei yan thought about the wording, but did not know what to say.Led by yan yan, the eight thousand troops stormed out of the city and collided with wei yan about twenty miles away from the dunjiang river at noon."That matter without delay, your generals point qi troops and horses, follow me to the battle." Wei yan nodded his head and was quick. On this point, he and pang tong Shared the same view.累了不要见外|Clusters of arrows rain from all directions, each other more clearly than Chen here, they just let a person gutty all around is the feeling of the enemy, many warriors panicked to meet them, but simply can't catch each other's shadow, just a moment, Chen to the fleet was to rush collapse, could not organize effective resistance, can only watch each other to put his military forces, and then to dominate, but helpless.

累了不要见外|"Veteran? Pang tong was struck by what he heard.Zhou yu's death was blamed on the head of jingzhou by jiangdong. I heard that many generals in jiangdong had asked sun quan for permission to conduct the northern expedition. The rear was not stable. Cao cao shook his head and soothed xiahou dun with a smile, but the anxiety in his eyes could not be dispelled."Impossible! < / p > < p > deng xian has not finished, zhang ren has flatly refused, he knows what deng xian is going to say, but a man of action and inaction, to his betrayal, absolutely impossible.

"The enemy, general, has no baggage but fodder. The beasts in the camp are still intact, but the ballista are completely destroyed." The general galloped to pound and informed him of the situation in the camp. Obviously, the other side did not grasp that they could escape the pursuit of the army and horses with the baggage, so all the unnecessary burdens were left behind.Of course, there is one point, pang tong did not make clear, so that completely changed the previous relationship between the monarch and minister, no land, the family has more money, also can not incite the people, but lu bu, but have the ability to cut off the lifeblood of a family at any time."I can't decide that." Meng da smiled slightly, shook his head and said, liu zhang how to say is also a way of princes, how to deal with lu bu how to decide, mo said he, even if it is all the way manager pang tong and wei yan, are not qualified to decide the life and death of liu zhang.累了不要见外|




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