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兽电战队强龙者48|河北雪花梨"Blare ~"Cao cao looked at liu bei's back, shook his head, and followed him up.Zhou yu looked at the prisoners and asked, "do you want to live?"

"But if we can not break through the tiger prison, our army not all previous achievements?" Cao cao frowned."Long cloud, will you?" Liu bei looked at guan yu, guan yu's temperament he knew, if really not punished, even if no one blame him, guan yu in the heart will be uncomfortable.And liu bei after storm xiangyang, eager to cause family internal Liu Beiyou, took Mrs CAI, on the one hand, CAI home those lands can count CAI home him as liu bei's private fields, on the other hand, in order to appease and woo the swing with the fall of CAI kuai two small and medium-sized family, with the family to join, liu bei in JingXiang status could be one of the biggest solid, and at the same time before can be eager to minimize the negative effects caused by.兽电战队强龙者48|After the baffle of the crossbow, the arrows like a javelin roared out, while dozens of jars shot across the air in a parabola and hit the crossbow. The pungent smell was disgusting. Guan yu frowned and said, "keep shooting!"

兽电战队强龙者48|"Peng ~""Unlucky! < / p > < p > the vast sea will stop in the gate of the wooden beast to drag in, the gate will be closed again, the distance, liu bei began to sing gold, row after row of wooden beast protection soldiers began to retreat, the vast sea although want to go up to rush to kill, but there is a military command in the body he must not break, can only take people on the wall to restore.

"As the Lord has said, war is always the last means of politics, and the Lord must pacify the world at one go, the middle of shu must not become a stumbling block to contain the Lord and the Lord to pacify the world. What faxiao has done is to ask liu zhang to help the Lord pave the way to shu. Pang tong smiled."Liu bei! In cao cao's account, the anger in his chest could not be repressed at last, so he clapped his hands on the table. Liu bei had thrown out such a wang Yin, which almost destroyed cao cao.The moment a pair of legs trample stirrup, toward huang zhong gallop and come.兽电战队强龙者48|




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