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舒服好棒好爽粗大老师|老苗汤泡脚"Peng ~"For the same clan, these years liu biao see very clearly, is a great man, although benevolence and justice in the world, but if really need, liu biao believes that some things, he can do out."I still need two childe to support me for some more days. After I defeated lv bu with my strength, zhang liao was brave, but he could not support me alone!" Xun you smiled with relief.

"Uncle, nephew can not be in xiangyang for a long time, time will provoke the CAI MAO suspicious, but nephew would like to recommend a man to uncle, this man is a strong martial arts, archery such as god, although is old, but still have a million improper brave, if he can have his guard in the side guard, can protect uncle worry free. "Liu pan bowed."Who said anything about attacking yuan shang?" Lv bu looked toward cao ying's direction and sneered, "yuan shang's son is not worth worrying about. Break cao cao first!""You follow me to surprise meng jin. Once you take meng jin, jingzhou army is like a sitting turtle in a jar. You can catch whoever you want!" Gao shunshen voice channel.舒服好棒好爽粗大老师|"To find the culprit! Jia xu let out a cold hum. At the moment when he was speaking, his body gave out a bleak and cold breath. Even the brave warriors like ma tie and jiang orz could not help but shiver.

舒服好棒好爽粗大老师|"Yi DE, that's why I dare not take you there!" Liu bei hated iron not to become steel of looking at zhang fei, bitter way: "you my brothers 3 people, since the chaos of the yellow turban already acquaintance, the intersection, this nearly 20 years come, big rise and fall greatly, experienced numerous strong wind big wave, for the elder brother can have censure you? Now I wait for a good foothold jingxiang, CAI MAO easy to kill, but after killing him? You and I continue to roam the world? If so, when?"It is clear that the news that the master died, know the opportunity, want to capture ye city!Guan hai's throat stirred twice and a calm look appeared on his face. Lu fang could not help crying.

Cao cao nodded and looked at guo jia."Yan-er." Putting down the letter, lu bu reached out his hand and touched CAI yan's bright skin., cao cao is not got the first in lyu3 bu4 hands, since the battle of xuzhou, lyu3 bu4 under the wall, two stars who kill joy into, cao hong, and then the battle of changan killed his brother Cao Peng, more let cao cao had to be done at the time of take GuanJue in zhong yao, and find let lyu3 bu4 have quashed the guanzhong, west cool, in the name of the now added, freeze, Xu Ding, cao cao in this life warlord, if the theory of the loss of important general, I'm afraid most is in the hands of lyu3 bu4 losses, something important will be embroidered zhang zhang also calculate on lyu3 bu4, together with lyu3 bu4 say that cao cao now are sworn!舒服好棒好爽粗大老师|




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