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秀爷修真中 乐文|御淑堂价格"Perhaps the intelligence was wrong." Zhuge liang shook his head and turned to look at ford. "what did you do last time?" he asked.Liu xun also stood up and bowed to cao cao, saying, "before coming down, my father had asked the little man to learn more, to see the power of lv bu's army, or to study the strategy of breaking the enemy.""This battle will not be easy to fight!" Looked at the back of one party, liu cycle, the guanzhong was excellent, members of the elite, was beyond his imagination, it is still in the field, if the other party relying on the tiger fastened off the wall, follow liu can't imagine how to play this battle and was qin unify the whole country, is relying on strong GongJin crossbows, legend, qin crossbow can penetrate the range of nearly eight hundred steps, as far as now, lyu3 bu4 crossbow though haven't reached the point of the terror, but even six hundred steps, has far exceeds the central plains the governors of the crossbow.

Night, high shundaizhao son familiar to a title of generals in ancient times mansion, finally saw the legendary shou sui feast, holds the wore a dahongpao, with his wife children in a title of generals in ancient times mansion is very striking, this silly goods, it is a good life for a wife as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, is small household names, but grow tender but, zhaoyun, d help also spent in jizhou, now can't come back, but Addis was appeared with two children, seibel some headaches, although grew up, but Addis that crazy girl character hasn't changed at all."The king? Interesting, the little emperor should appoint a dead person as king of chu?" In luoyang, lu bu watched the secret edict in his hands, and there was also a seal, representing the status of the king of chu. With nine pewters and fake huang yue, this was the highest honor and right since the han dynasty. Unfortunately, liu biao died and could not enjoy the benefits of this right."It seems that cao jun has improved his crossbows in recent years!" Gao shun sneer a way, before lu bu's three crossbow also can shoot two hundred steps, can crush cao jun, now the other side's crossbow obviously has not reached the farthest range, if it is still the former crossbow met, afraid of being cao jun crush, especially the other side use three stages of shooting, a good even the advantage of the crossbow to the whole.秀爷修真中 乐文|Jingzhou, xiangyang.

秀爷修真中 乐文|"I will go to answer, a wick incense, and then to capture alive cao gong. "Said the knight, turning his horse's head and galloping away."Cloud long, don't be angry!" Cao cao quickly stood up to appease the way."I... "Sun yi want to explain that he is not arrogant, but sun jing has been with the people continue to drive, but under, also can only unhappy to follow.

Face jun this deadly game, tactics is useless talk, more arrows from the wall of the constraints, can no longer as before in coverage, only single crossbows, even crossbows and crossbow to overlay the jun shoot, but it is so, after jun also cost hundreds of thousands of casualties, just touch the wall.Sitting in the imperial palace, enjoying the sight of these western girls wu way, liu zhang excited to kneel tight fist, lu bu a wufu nothing by the rule of law will be the entire north governance of the powerful and incomparable, he is the han family kin, has the kingdom of abundance, and not a wufu?In the afternoon, the scouts reported that liu bei's army was about thirty miles away from the yi ke pass. Pound naturally knew that there was a tiger prison. Gao shun fought cao cao with three thousand broken crossbows assigned to gao shun by lu bu.秀爷修真中 乐文|




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