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1990年是什么命|海意背景Just after the two men entered the gate, the city suddenly fell a thousand jins of boulder, sealing the gate to death, marten, Matthew heart sank, outside the city, Ma Tie face a change, harsh voice way: "Quick, push away the boulder!"Xinfeng county if on weekdays, was not what important place, but now, is jun based on the foundation of jingzhao, xinfeng a loss, equal to break the zhong yao based on the root of jingzhao, zhong yao even if the alert is not in volt, but in jingzhao, also has no foothold."Little general, since Mei county granary has been burned down, why do we have to go back to Mei county? Since the enemy burned down the granary, there may be an ambush!"

"Second move!" Lyu3 bu4 rang in my ear, But see lyu3 bu4 party day painting ji although was kicked fly, but as if by d's strength across a strange arc in the air, when ji front fell to a strange angle, back again, this time seems faster, also more urgent, d less than think, hurriedly will hand gun a slant, live lyu3 bu4 party day painting ji again.All smell speech can not help but silence, reason all understand, but it is difficult to sound quite some righteous role with the lyu3 bu4 forget righteousness."Yes!" Lyu3 bu4 nodded: "Moon people in this hetao has been suppressed by the huns, this is an opportunity, even if they don't want to replace what, but who also want to be better? Have the huns in one day, the moon people will always be suppressed, even worry about the huns attack, whether for us or for the moon people, this is a chance? "1990年是什么命|Lyu3 bu4 helpless smile in the heart, now should not count as it is, but the years precipitated down the vicissitudes of life is from this era has begun to brew.

1990年是什么命|"Master, will be willing to accept the challenge at the end!" Hande step forward, will be in the hands of the hatchet to the ground, the ground around the obvious jump.Lyu3 bu4 nodded: "Let Wei Yan send someone to contact, see how attitude, if not to attach, he will be arrested.""You perfidiously, I baishui qiang kindly take you in, but you want to swallow me baishui qiang, how can it be the same?" Yang wang cold hum 1.

"Death! Death! Death!"When the first ray of early morning sunshine into the pavilion, lyu3 bu4 slowly opened his eyes, since crossing, this time is absolutely the deepest sleep, also surprisingly did not enter the dream battlefield to train.1990年是什么命|




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