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同城交友haobc|拱门出租"Pick up chopsticks." After confirming the safety of the food, lu ignored lv zheng's frightened expression."Commander." Lv meng strides into big account, to zhou yu one arch hand way."That's not necessary." Lyu3 bu4 depend on the general chair, his eyes narrowing slightly, "zhou yu's influence, much more severe than this, and in the end, jiangdong military now in the hands of zhou yu, wars and, by zhou yu's family, all this two people go back, can pour me changan prosperous scene back to jiangdong, not afraid of no one to cooperate with us, jiangdong, don't need is wimp, male table ready for dialing money food and a big battle is inevitable."

"Are you hurrying me? Wei zheng glared at zheng xiaotong.It's a bit tricky. If it was his son, it wouldn't be a problem to leave him to die.Although already know each other bows and arrows, but still not out of the YuanMen watched the army, he was only with bows and arrows defeated opponents, let jun soldiers not to draw a gasp, look around, with a more low morale, not dark hate in the heart, this zhaoyun given a wick sweet time, no good, at this point, I'm afraid all the people for the battle is not to expect?同城交友haobc|On the flag that wave, a dou big zhao word lets yu ban understand the identity of bearer, lyu3 bu4's that sweep across liaodong, horse treads wu huan's general, zhaoyun!This is better than sun hae-chan more difficult to deal with characters, closed in ban see YuanMen soldiers were shot dead, intensive JianCu is almost uninterrupted toward the barracks shrouded come over, not as cunning as gan ning, but pressure to jun out of breath, watching each other close, in the sad found, whether this kind of style or zhaoyun play, there is no way to yourself, for your more sadly, seems that he was through.

同城交友haobc|"What if the enemy forces are determined not to come out?" Wei yan stared at pang tong.CAI MAO's hand fluttering disorderly quiver, the night, the gun shadow, some people can not see the true and false, just this pistol, CAI MAO in the arts but also some fire, but that also have to see with who."Zi Yang, how? Camp, looking at frowning meditation of liu ye, xia houyuan some look forward to the way.

Chapter 26 tobacco smoke in jizhou< / p > < p > outside the meeting hall, xiahou yuan as the door plate general standing in the door, when see cao cao, xiahou yuan burst on his knees on the ground, big, but at this time as a child crying: "Lord, the end will have a heavy burden, jizhou...... Lost!""Well."同城交友haobc|




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