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花右京女佣队h|ss燃脂排油套盒"Mr. Brave question is... "Xun you doubt the Chou shi guangyuan."Drag these rotten logs to the back for kaesong!" Hear outside the gate again sound of dull crash sound, magnificent sea cold hum 1, let a person pull those wooden beast away, the gate is opened again....

Cao cao smiled and nodded, and some regret, dian wei, xu chu, the xi succession fell, his side, while leading a lot, but like guan yu, huang zhong this leading top but I can't find it, but liu bei this guy good life, with leading such first picked up guan yu, zhang fei, now have veteran huang zhong this defected, sheet is in Athens, cao cao now than liu bei, even the thought of this, for lu bu is boundless, resentment of his leading action, the vast majority of relationship with lyu3 bu4 to take, especially embroidered lyu3 bu4, zhang dian wei the bill also must be written in the lu bu head.The idea?"That I go to the front to help eldest brother." Zhang fei face a black, humming way.花右京女佣队h|Rear, quickly rushed up to a sword and shield and spear hand fill the vacant position, before such a scene in the wall, each place has been played out jun outlaw impact at all costs, even though to see that the other party is in the limits of their own was not willing to give up easily, but if you see, seibel nor is there any way to tiger fastened shut can never lost, he can only with the enemy hard shake, fortunately, high comfortable have sufficient strength, but if continue so consumption, lighting must be his first, cao cao is also saw this, only costs in this nearly in life change life style, The advantage of the crossbow of guanzhong army was greatly reduced under the opponent's deadly fighting method, and the effect was more effective than liu bei's test of not getting angry.

花右京女佣队h|"Lord, just don't drive zhang song to come over, let the little man give you this letter." < / p > < p > the state animal husbandry mansion housekeeper came, a letter to liu zhang."Well, after all these battles, duke xuande's ability to escape is beyond compare!" < / p > < p > behind cao cao, high can not help but irony, when liu bei took refuge in yuan shao, the result of yan liang, wen Chou has been killed by guan yu, and then liu bei, while taking advantage of the defeat night escape, yuan shao sent to arrest liu bei's soldiers rushed an empty, although it has fallen cao, but for liu bei, high table is a little good feeling owe."These mercenary people! How dare those great families set taxes?" Liu zhang smell words, complexion can not help but ugly up.

"Can't beat a dog with a stick?" Meng da smiled and looked at liu zhang and said, "how many of those families are clean? Why not buy a few unruly people, out to correct the family, when the time comes, these things are not the Lord Lord to say who is guilty, can."You're a little behind." Shaking his head, zhou yu said with a light smile: "for today, I have been preparing for a long time, let there be no mistake!"Gao shun frowns: "our soldiers enough, why call up hu bing?"花右京女佣队h|




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