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幼珍阁|上海专业打墙洞"The book... Zhong you was puzzled and asked xun yu about his own book, but he didn't see anything wrong with it., of course, can not copy the practice of later generations, has been the land of the Lord is not back, but except those private fields, all fields, and are classified as state, are actually fold back the land rights completely, and those of his family, according to the circumstances, deprived of some or all of the fields, these fields also belongs to the office, and then by the office according to the actual situation, alas the justice department, under the supervision of distributed to the people, but just let the people go, but ownership still belongs to the office.< / p > < p > ma chao at the moment point of troops, began to lead the troops to luoyang, at the same time, the tiger prison pass, liu biao's army is the first step.

"Yun chang, I heard that lv bu's emissary has arrived in xiangyang. Then brother jingsheng must invite me to go with you." Liu bei looked at guan yu dao.Lu bu's reputation with a famous large family after the evidence is conclusive, a large number of land, money was distributed to the hands of the people, constantly skyrocketing.Looked at their military forces in zhang liao army to fight, to flee, gao gan only five of these words in mind, not as good as a lamp that tea, the better part of a camp was dominated by zhang liao bring people, young horses are more, but in their own way is, zhang liao always carrying a cavalry tightly staring at the young, let gao gan is unable to command an army, and zhang liao side warrior, but under the leadership of the camp of a title of generals in ancient times, cooperate with the tacit understanding, will be divided into many pieces of political small pieces and then gradually eroded.幼珍阁|"Give up when the going gets tough?" Lv bu looked at jia xu and shook his head with a smile. If he really foresaw the danger, he might have made the same choice as the law yan, right?

幼珍阁|"MAO ~"< / p > < p > li dian wen newspaper, suspicious, but did not dare to go out of the city without authorization, sent a general, ordered them to look as close as possible, almost to the evening, the general took his troops back, angry way: "general, missed the fighter.Pang tong couldn't wait to read the book. He didn't even see lost jiang when he left, but his face became more and more ugly.

Guan hai smell speech, turned a head to see one eye lu fang, praise way: "your boy is some brains, the future is not limited, accompany me this old guy died here, unfortunately, tomorrow if the camp was broken, you take the other three brothers break out, with your ability, break out should not be difficult.""Of course." Henton sip tea, wetting the throat: "before the north won at least can let liu jingzhou, neutral, master now under pressure to cao cao, Carthage and britons, the pressure is not light, if coupled with a liu jingzhou, almost equal to all enemies all around, we this to, even if can't sell JingXiang alliance, also try to keep JingXiang neutral.""These families... Pang tong looked at the urgent document sent by the north of hebei, but shook his head, which is resistance? In the words of lu bu, it was a death. Pang tong was quite clear that lu bu had no immediate plan to suppress the family.幼珍阁|




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