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陈静 喜爱夜蒲|天车遥控器"Yes!" Lyu3 bu4 nodded: "Moon people in this hetao has been suppressed by the huns, this is an opportunity, even if they don't want to replace what, but who also want to be better? Have the huns in one day, the moon people will always be suppressed, even worry about the huns attack, whether for us or for the moon people, this is a chance? "Lyu3 bu4 at the moment, but has lost the perception of the outside world, after the intense pain, followed by is filled with vitality in the whole body, as if life sublimated at this moment."Flying general indeed as expected, today is really let the next big eye-opener." Moon king and Hande came to lyu3 bu4, smiling compliments.

"From this day forward, these five thousand horses will be at my disposal." Looking at cao peng, after all, is cao cao brother, zhong yao is not too harsh, can only helpless way: "listen to you, this wei yan is a general, now where is this person?""This master ten thousand elite rushed to d, it concerns the future of our army, tube general with me, PeiYuanShao, you stay in gaoling, continue to drill military forces, and responsible for the distribution of hay." Zhang liao put down the letterhead in his hand, su rong looked at the two generals under the account."No problem. Just a moment, please." Mighty herdsmen should be the leader of this area, see the han army expression tired, dusty appearance, friendly nodded, let the han army to rest first, oneself and the herdsmen around to prepare food.陈静 喜爱夜蒲|"Wang Stuart's serial plan, with the ability to worry about the text, can not see through, can have to dong zhuo advice?" Lyu3 bu4 looked back, marotta.

陈静 喜爱夜蒲|Lombardi smell speech, eyes a bright, nodded: "good!" Then he looked at them and said, "Who can be a general?""Is he all right, sir, my lord?" It's the sable cicada.Freeze wry smile way: "Xuzhou defeat, lyu3 bu4 shock, since its out of xuzhou, all the way, act decisively, the skill of the wise, it is difficult to compare with the past, now the guanzhong trend has become, lyu3 bu4 has ordered people blockade letter valley, wu guan, now only lombardi can form a threat to lyu3 bu4."

"To be honest with one another?" Han sui smell speech, sneer at 1, shook his head at marten: "ShouCheng brother, or so naive, now west cool your horse annexed the candidates, has become a dominant situation, plus your father and son in the qiang people's prestige, if I don't first, a few years later, this west cool, but also my Korea hence the way? Spring and autumn no righteous war!""General, do you want to pursue?" A lieutenant climbed YuanMen, looked at d, can't help but excited asked.The moment of landing, a mouthful of blood finally failed to resist spray out, looked up at lyu3 bu4, eyes no timidity, only a strong heat.陈静 喜爱夜蒲|




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