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古今船长故事新闻鞋花"Jun occupied LuJiang, then did not continue to attack, seems to be north lyu3 bu4 hit up, tube general still continue to fight, now, even has taken a county or two."South county is xiangyang, jiangling, history, liu bei is almost with a south county laid the shu han inheritance, as long as the south county, liu bei's strength in jingzhou is basically abandoned.Huang Gai, Han Dang and Cheng Pu came in from outside the temple, With a heavy face to Sun Quan said: "master, an accident, jun military forces recently frequently mobilized, that MAO jie has been in Lujiang area to prepare military forces, seems to go south at any time, in addition to jingzhou detail came the news, zhuge liang's army of shu has taken a boat, along the river, looks like, liu bei this time, is to my jiangdong comprehensive war!"

We can't fight anymore!Zhang fei personally, several times rushed up to the wall, and was driven down by zhang ren, and at the same time zhuge liang and a team, want to break the enemy grain, but pang tong saw through in time, life wei with elite interception along the way, both sides in deyang city outside a contact war, finally shu army routed back.With the melodious horn sounded, deyang county next to the mountains and forests, suddenly sounded a series of like a wolf howling general sound, initially unaware, only when the dangerous smell poured into my heart, wei yancai finally found that a large number of troops from the mountains and forests near.古今船长故事新闻"Sze-yuan is very thoughtful, but Yi-te is only worried about my safety!" Zhuge liang put the feather fan back, a sincere look to pang tong: "you and I have known each other for many years, when I know who I am."

古今船长故事新闻Ma Su smell speech, face can not help but some ugly, the original oneself from beginning to end, is singing a one-man show, in the eyes of others, the so-called secret is just like a naked girl, to see a clear, ridiculous oneself still hopping there, but in the eyes of others like a clown.Chapter one hundred and eighteen days to not take, will be blamedLi yan heart suddenly a tight, also at this time, pound suddenly waved, a rocket soared up, followed by heard a rumbling voice in the sky, li yan's face suddenly become difficult to look.

"General, I'll get rid of them!" Xing Daorong got up, ready to go out again, but was stopped by guan yu.Inside?In fact, siege guarding city, put aside the gap in equipment, the routine is so several sets, unless the quality of the soldiers is too different, according to the normal routine, is more difficult, therefore, wise generals commander, more willing to lure the enemy out of the city to fight a war of annihilation, also seldom willing to force siege.古今船长故事新闻




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