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厄尔尼诺概念股雷泰涂胶D is about to pursue, around zhang he QinWei has been desperate to kill up, block d's way, d angry crowns, silver gun opened and closed in hand, between the need to bull, even kill a dozen knights, just look at it, which also has zhang he figure."Kill! Kill none of these bastards!" Unfortunately, this time, is holding the heart of revenge to the horse brothers, looking at kneeling down please soldiers, no mercy, Ma Tie raised his silver gun, did not hesitate to sweep in the throat of two xianbei soldiers.Step root twenty thousand people but five big tribes, lyu3 bu4 can? That is not twenty thousand to more than ten thousand, what's more, kui head can't give twenty thousand military forces to lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 understanding of kui head, the goods can give ten thousand has been good, so calculate up, like looking for death.

"Fight them!" Remaining xianbei soldiers see each other don't accept surrender, a crazy counter-attack, but unfortunately, has been killed in the garrison of seven hundred and eighty, in front of the twenty thousand troops, couldn't lift up any spray, suddenly, was annihilated in the cavalry whistling away."Well." Falling in grant nodded, Turning to zhang he laughed. "human slaughter, Heaven will answer, Is to show greedy wolf, seven kill, broken army three fierce stars, Now should be northwest, Samsung converge, is to kill the situation of the wolf, also known as day wolf made ZiWei, when should be in the business tiger, in addition to master and cao cao for the central plains, north pattern, master if win, will gather ZiWei, but if cao cao wins, is ZiWei dim, day wolf made ZiWei potential, then, is really chaotic! "Lanjan sat in his tent, looking at the distant north, this moment, she felt unusually tired, want to put everything down, lying in the arms of the man, enjoying his broad chest.厄尔尼诺概念股"Our righteousness, retreat, and keep mayi, has no meaning." Falling in to grant forehead a few more strands of white hair, looks sad.

厄尔尼诺概念股Falling in grant eyes also with a touch of surprise, although know lyu3 bu4 will come, but also didn't expect lyu3 bu4 to come so fast, don't the giffin also have night view of the sky?Beyond the tribe, Stephen, looking at the weeping tribe from a distance, frowned and said, "Temuzhen hasn't come back yet?""More than that, zhang he with high dry hay, is to be swallowed by us, even if not for long." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, smiled and said: "command pound, led ten thousand from riding, twenty thousand slave soldiers captured HuGuan, lombardi's people, block in the east of the taihang mountains, bing, even if it is ours."

"When you come with me into the house, if there are any remnants of iniquity stubbornly resist, be sure to cut the grass and get rid of the roots!" Zhang Gu cold track.The next morning, lyu3 bu4 will take upright when, sentence tu and five hundred moon people quietly left the tribe from riding in the name of hunting, the huns value, has been exhausted, below, see xianbei people."Master, these to officials at all levels of the salary is not too much?" Linrong government office, after negotiating the military, the new title of generals in ancient times under the door of the general book with jiang xu, with an official document to lyu3 bu4 said.厄尔尼诺概念股




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