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蒙面歌王东方不败是谁|黄山毛峰1875"Sound the trumpet!" Zhang fei cold hum 1, and did not give the order to retreat, but life blew up the horn."Do you really mean it?" Li Hunwen speech eyes a bright, Accept lyu3 bu4 most difficult to let these families accept, Not lyu3 bu4 can't bring them benefits, but lyu3 bu4 took away their position, simply put, before the family annexed land, that rely on these lands to survive the people, naturally revered the family, but lyu3 bu4 now took away, although there is compensation, and profit is very rich, but some things, is money can't buy.Are these jiangdong family, has secretly begun to collude with lyu3 bu4?

"Bang-Bang-Bang ~"Chapter one hundred and eight so-called genius"What hard armor!" Zhang Fei frowned, But see each other's armor is not leather armor, It's a metal armor, Not thick, but ordinary foot soldiers cut up the sword, it is difficult to kill each other in the first time, often take two or three attacks to break each other's defense, and on the battlefield, rapidly changing, a moment to fix life and death, which have so many opportunities, often after a knife failed, was cut off the head by each other's slashing sword.蒙面歌王东方不败是谁|In fact, the port's defense is Xing Daorong do, he followed guan yu for many years, marching, also have a set, guan yu to him also more assured, just two people don't water war, so the port's defense, also according to the normal city defense to arrange, don't want to be tracing the cause at a glance.

蒙面歌王东方不败是谁|"Young master, do you want to inform Mr. Sze-won?" Jiang wei came to lu zheng at the moment, asked in a low voice."Die!" Tardif see guan yu potential poor force solitary, also so fierce and brave, cold in the heart, step back, bow and arrow, will shoot guan yu."Looks like three more defeats?" Ma sneer at a way.

The reputation of castration that is lyu3 bu4 to press on zhang fei's head, Zhang Fei used to like to add that Zhang Yide, a Yanren, was here or something, Later lyu3 bu4 direct misinterpretation, later is to make nightingale spread all over the world, also calculated to quote the goods to his nickname, these years, zhang fei long time no such self-reported, all this, said also have to owe to lyu3 bu4, but also zhang fei heart forever pain."Keep shooting!" Wei Yanshen track.Although admire each other's martial arts, but zhang fei didn't forget that here is the battlefield, his purpose is to kill this person, saw each other a knife split, zhang eight snake spear a turn, a move swept eight sides will block each other's broadsword, followed by a thorn in the chest.蒙面歌王东方不败是谁|




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