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儿女传奇之变脸惊情|黄金火灸被"I 'm afraid it' s going to come as a surprise, This battle, lyu3 bu4 has now reversed the situation, ten days ago, successfully accepted twenty thousand qiang, and led the troops bypass wu, straight against jincheng, and quickly occupied jincheng, west gansu, hanyang county, now Korea hence gathered troops tuen in wuwei, lyu3 bu4 led forty thousand troops converge d ten thousand, station troops in shepherd slope, to fight with Korea hence. ""Now." Lyu3 bu4 looked at Zhou Cang: "This time, I not only want the population, those family members also give me arrested, dare to resist, not a stay.""Hum, burn when the old king also have tens of thousands of qiang people, unexpectedly d easily killed scattered, waste!" Korea hence cold hum 1.

"Take all the horses, follow the huns deserters, continue to kill!" Lyu3 bu4 picked up a leg of lamb stained with blood, took a bite and looked at Han De: "Tell the brothers, food, eat on horseback, we change horses not change people!"Sneer at 1, completely relieved candidate fell asleep.A group of people retreated silently, At this moment, no one said back, It was made clear, This battle is no longer for lyu3 bu4, more is not what is illusory righteousness, but for their own war, even if die, also can't retreat, retreat, is all over, born on the edge, they know very well once let the huns march straight into the consequences, even if they drop the han sui, Korea hence at the moment I'm afraid it is difficult to control the huns.儿女传奇之变脸惊情|"Sir tone is not small, Korea hence now only outside the city, then gathered twenty thousand people, in addition, there are fifty thousand burn when, but I don't know, how to help me?" D sneer at a way.

儿女传奇之变脸惊情|Han sui looked at d at the gate of the iron blue, took a deep breath, pressure before the sudden surge of suffocation, cold track: "this son not except, west cool never peaceful day!""Sir Gao Yi, lyu3 bu4 admire." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, awe-inspiring way.

"Xilv ~""I don't need you to kiss up to me, when I return to the army, I want Mr. A for me, divide marten Korea hence, make its two people not only can't be concentric, but also want him two people attack each other!" Lyu3 bu4 interrupted Giffin with a smile: "Sir can choose to give me advice, or start to prepare for his whole family.""This war is important, if you don't want to take orders from pound, can temporarily surrender military power, until I siege back, decisive battle with Korea, will help you revenge." Lyu3 bu4 sink a track.儿女传奇之变脸惊情|




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