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西条琉璃作品封面|七白溪祛斑霜The twenty-first chapter d to minister"At the end of the day he will lead his life.""Go to sleep. I'll watch tonight." Tap Hand on the shoulder, hope now with yourself, the end will be better.

On the same day, lyu3 bu4 then packed, with giffin, four big QinBing QinWei and a team, went straight to the white water qiang."The general rest assured." Marotta turned his head to pound, smiled and said: "with the lack of food in the army, can't support for too long, and master there, must also be about to have news, the longer we support here, master there will be less pressure.""General Zhou Cang, this time, you have established a great merit." Wei yan some depressed glance at zhong yao, originally should be his captive, who knows met seibel halfway along the way, but finally was originally nothing to do with the matter of zhou cang zhong yao to tackled, at the moment also can only force a smile way: "This person is zhong yao."西条琉璃作品封面|"Want to come to Korea hence marten there, also get the reward?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Chen Qun laughed and said, "Drive the tiger to swallow the wolf, Meng De's calculation is still these two moves."

西条琉璃作品封面|"This..." The moon people Wang Wen speech can not help but smother, looked at lyu3 bu4's eyes, dare not directly refuse, can only wry smile way: "I moon people, now can fight but eight thousand, I'm afraid...""Lyu3 bu4, do you really want to catch me?" Korea hence some depressed patted the table, If lyu3 bu4 retreat, Korea hence can take advantage of jincheng, west gansu, plus wuwei, as long as the three counties in hand, can barely support their army, and then gradually south, step by step will drive lyu3 bu4 out of the west is cool, but unfortunately, lyu3 bu4 in know the huns south, unexpectedly also with nails in the shepherd slope, make Korea hence the main force dare not move.Just after the two men entered the gate, the city suddenly fell a thousand jins of boulder, sealing the gate to death, marten, Matthew heart sank, outside the city, Ma Tie face a change, harsh voice way: "Quick, push away the boulder!"

"Yes, I will." Seibel nodded, firmly tunnel, look to the distant horizon, mouth corners spread a touch of light self-confidence: "if on the battlefield, master has not lost."Marotta worried to d, after all, pound is d, and on ability, d is not bad.With his back to lyu3 bu4, can't see appearance, but in terms of body, or good, think about the position of ZuoXianWang in the huns, can become his concubine, beauty is not too bad, no wonder can let HanDe these veterans color enchanted.西条琉璃作品封面|




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