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rio糖 避孕药|天津黄页Liang Xing looks micro-herald, around the eyes let him feel some sting, after all, killing young and old, in the army is not without, just usually disgusting.White water, lyu3 bu4 stood by the river, quietly watching the white water, thinking about the future if really important soldiers meet, how to attack."Notice carefully, closely monitor lyu3 bu4 trend." Korea hence frowned, according to the information before, lyu3 bu4 is not without brave, west cool side so big movement, he had no reason to have no reaction.

"Yes!" Male broad sea a purge, loudly replied."Little general, lyu3 bu4 army has been in huaili, maoling, martial arts area under the line of defense, our path is blocked." Pound Pegasus came to d, bow down."The huns don't know what happened, all of a sudden will pull out of camp village, said to leave!" Li can anxious way.rio糖 避孕药|"Korea hence must play, can't because of fear that the future may lead to the south xiongnu kou side, is afraid of hands and feet, and now even if we are willing to cease fire, Korea hence can't stop with us, once the truce, his hundreds of people will soon scatter, a county, military forces more than the people, how to keep?" Lyu3 bu4 will Yang Xi light hug into the bosom, eyes flashed a cold kill: "If the south huns really dare to claw, that not only to break his claws, but also let him eat, even with interest to spit out for me!"

rio糖 避孕药|"Eldest brother, Mr. Hua Tuo is out." Ma dai surprised sound sounded behind him, d, suddenly got up and strode into the corridor, is seeing hua tuo out of the wing."Master, this time although a small victory, but the trend is difficult to change, I should take this opportunity to step up the deployment." Xun yu hand way.On the boundless grassland, herds of cattle and sheep under the care of herders, leisurely drinking water in the lake, white felt like stars decorated in the vast grassland.

Deep bone marrow pain, let lyu3 bu4 face become ferocious, a faint smelly dirt in the body surface along with sweat seeps out of the body, and quickly pile up.Wuwei, show beauty.Chen Hsing didn't explain much either. He said excitedly, "Send some clever soldiers, bring more drums and gongs, and listen to them tonight. In addition, you'll have a thousand horses, and you'll lead the troops yourself, ready to bypass the candidate camp and support Huaili at night."rio糖 避孕药|




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