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被老男人开嫩苞|小型客货车Chapter fifteen general inevitably die on the arrayDoubt expression, gradually replaced by panic, see the turning point of the canyon, suddenly surged out of a torrent, hit hard on the rocks, that moment, as if the whole mountain is trembling, followed by, the vast torrent is rushing toward this side to the potential of the sky, the foot soldiers in front of the no time to react was swallowed up.Cao Cao's face changed, and when he saw Xu Youliao's expression, he shook his head and smiled bitterly, knowing that his old friend had a good disposition. "If I had used your tricks at the beginning, the day of his defeat would not have been long!" He said with a wry smile.

Honestly, in the head of the forecast, even if lyu3 bu4 won't want the king's court of all military power, will also have to go ten thousand, five thousand people, this is the head of the head did not think about.Kui head looked at step root, eyes flashed a hesitation, finally nodded, step root is xianbei prairie, after all, also can be numbered, with twenty thousand troops on the march, even if not, should also not happen, if really lost, that can only use temuzhen.Emotion is a very complex mood, it can make a world-beating man, become a coward, as before lyu3 bu4, also can make a person become more and more powerful, like lyu3 bu4 now.被老男人开嫩苞|"He's not like that. He'll send someone else to find out." Shaken his head, to step root this time with temuzhen contact, it is not a man who did not fight and flee, so late did not appear, there must be other reasons.

被老男人开嫩苞|"Take these women and sheep and cattle, and go home!" Begging FuGe Yang haughty dry cloud loudly way, this battle, although damaged some soldiers, but the goods are quite abundant, didn't expect the huns, such a short time, plundered so much wealth, now, all cheap them."You know my master?" Small school frown way."They killed the leader. Kill him!" A few QinBing instant red eyes, Kirby can usually stay under very thick, also have to subordinate soldiers love, now see their own leader was killed in front of his eyes, red-eyed QinBing which tube you are what tribal leaders, directly picked up weapons toward TaBaJi powder and Murong GUI kill.

"Where is Temujin now?" Qui-head smell speech picked up eyebrows, twist a head to ask: "He knows this matter?"Even if Tuobaji and Kirby get along, But now Kirby can die, before the friendship naturally dissipated, killed at the moment, no softer than Murong GUI, fierce war lasted for an hour, Kirby can military forces although tough, but after all, less people, plus Kirby can die, under the headless, gradually divided into several sections by two people, someone began to surrender.Zhang he some blindfolded, lyu3 bu4's soldiers is what's going on?被老男人开嫩苞|




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