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新妓生传剧情简介|黑彝痔神"Just now the army has no food to send, continue to carry on, I'm afraid in three days, our army will mutiny!" Cao cao a face of helpless wry smile.I'm afraid in this woman's plan, he is not to woo, but to get rid of the people, but did not expect to give themselves on the contrary.The satrap mansion, lobby, zhou cang angrily came to lyu3 bu4, sink a track: "indeed as expected, the master warehouse, there are a lot of sergeant guarding, we just close, was advised back by the sergeants, master, that gu didn't tell the truth."

From the information gathered by the parties, This man commanded the tribe, break quite fair, each time plunder property, will be equally distributed to subordinates, so in the army is quite prestigious and cohesive, and Kirby can tribe close to the frontier, Kirby can also rely on favorable conditions, actively learn Han knowledge, in the xianbei department, Kirby can is the only one dare to use a large number of Han leaders."Tiger fastened shut is a battleground, who occupies the tiger fastened shut, who will occupy the initiative, this place, can't be cao cao to, you take people here to meet them, I led the troops to tiger fastened shut tiger city defense, such as xu sheng and chen xing came, let xu sheng rate the army to tiger fastened shut as soon as possible, take over the city defense." Wei Yanshen track.新妓生传剧情简介|"Oh?" Kui head smell speech, also can't help but startled, although know to temuzhen character, won't give up, but also didn't think of so strong.

新妓生传剧情简介|"Eldest brother rest assured, this matter to me." Step root generous promise 1, and did not find Kui Tou at the moment in the words of a little unnatural.Shaking his head, Giffin frowned and said, "The battle of Yuan and Cao is not yet clear. Our army can't get involved."Yinshan, xianbei king's court, kui head with hundreds of defeated soldiers, embarrassed to return to the king's court, to now, kui head still don't know why he will be defeated, the sky is gloomy, with an unspeakable repression.

Although he is a general, But Wei was not too happy, General, do is the work of civil servants, especially after learning that lyu3 bu4 dominate hetao, grassland, rushed out of the big reputation, wei always some regret, letter valley is very important, also really need general guarding, wei is not don't understand, just general should have horizontal knife immediately, take merit in the battlefield, how much let wei some buried lyu3 bu4."Arrows!" Zhang he didn't listen to walk on the wall, commanding the soldiers shot the enemy, but unfortunately, the other side is cavalry, to and fro, d is to let ma dai, horse iron will be their military forces scattered, into dozens of small teams, scattered distance, make the defenders of the arrow cluster is constantly frustrated, set up for half a day, with little effect.The beggars, who had become frightened, did not notice that there were only hundreds of pursuers behind them, Panic was lyu3 bu4 like sheep, chased all the way from midnight to dawn, nearly a hundred miles away, leaving the remains of the mountains and fields, until the early morning sun completely rose, fought a night of the moon people from riding has been exhausted, lyu3 bu4 gave up to continue to kill, with the moon people from riding toward xianbei king's court direction.新妓生传剧情简介|




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