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wegigabyte|北京外墙粉刷Deng xian nodded, turned his head to see the scouts a way: "put them back."Zhang ren is pay check number in the camp, and suddenly learned that liu DHS back, also is a happy mind, since liu DHS to leave it in more than a month, zhang ren day difficult, constantly have adverse comments came from chengdu, began as a general, then, these adverse remarks have begun to spread to the army, especially in which many generals also fanning, were it not for zhang ren have enough prestige to suppress lived temporarily, it LangZhong camp not to attack the enemy, yourself, I'm afraidThe tiger and the commissioner of the prison's withdrawal as liu bei, cao cao started to layout, there was no necessary to continue to play this battle, but tiger fastened shut side to build up levels of cao cao is not prepared to give up, this is a very important a defence preparedness lyu3 bu4, although lyu3 bu4 to power point many, he sent his troops, but go tiger fastened shut side is definitely the most province one way, as long as here and the fault clearance against good, cao cao, or have the confidence to deal with lu bu.

"Dost thou... "Zhang ren looks ugly. These people are forcing him to rebel.At the same time, cao cao, who had returned to xingyang, received a message from liu bei that liu bei was going to retreat."Tell the battalions not to resist. They'll be all right." Meng da indifferent way.wegigabyte|When they came to the camp with vigilance, they were still surprised when they saw the bodies lying on the ground in various positions in a circle outside the house where wang Yin was originally stored. It was not because of the dead, but because all the people confirmed that none of the four hundred people left in the camp was alive.

wegigabyte|"Sir, take a seat." Tacit understanding reached, the following atmosphere, naturally into a friendly atmosphere."Please allow me to call you master gong again." Meng da shook his head and sighed, "hasn't the Lord noticed that you have lost all your heart by now. All the people in this city are waiting for the army outside to destroy the city as soon as possible.""Obey master!" The rest of shu will see more and more people kneel down, blindly following pang tong's blueprint, and falling down on their knees one after another. In the end, only liu standing there in his own place, looking at the whole hall of shu generals kneeling on the ground, with uncertain faces, neither kneeling nor kneeling

On the other hand, after bidding farewell to liu, meng da went straight to the chamber where he had been before, and which had been the chamber of liu zhang"I wait for a request to kill liu zhang, to vent public anger!" "Cried a chorus of great and noble families, falling to their knees.""Help jiangxia! Chen had a cold look at ford, and he saw the surprise in his eyes. He humed, but he didn't care too much at the moment. He quickly jumped onto a ship, and he quickly followed. Ford breathed a silent sigh of relief.wegigabyte|




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