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李熹子|北京格力空调加氟Mat Jiangcheng, Pang Tong and Wei Yan after the news of the withdrawal of troops, Zhang Fei some confusion, puzzled at Zhuge Liang way: "What do they mean?""Sit down!" Xie Cheng discontented glanced at his nephew, cold hum a track."At the end of the day!" Tardif and zhou tai step forward, sonorous way.

Zhuge liang see grain road has wei yan protection, had to change the strategy, water from the pad river, want to use the water potential impact on the city, pang tong is based on the moat, water to downstream.Lu su commanded the men to push down the corpse on the wall, there are enemies, also have their own people, has begun to dry up the dark red blood and the corpse interweave, in the sunset, as jiujiang county, at the moment the YinLing like a piece of shura hell."Abandon the crossbow, raise the knife! Kill!" At the moment it is too late to retreat, and this help pretty soldiers ran up very fast, no longer under the guanzhong elite, close at the moment, want to retreat is impossible.李熹子|Failed!

李熹子|"What are they trying to do? They're trying to board the trenches and cross them?" Lieutenant puzzled look at li yan, li yan felt a little wrong, because he saw pound array, has begun to appear a row of crossbowmen, a crossbowman aimed at the front of the trenches of empty space, but did not put arrows, seems to be waiting for what, exactly what?"I..." Zhang Fei stared, Want to speak, but this time, zhuge liang's attitude is quite resolute, seriously looked at zhang fei way: "wingde, this war is of great importance, not half a point, the pang tong, law is all wise men, each has his own strong points, and now has occupied chengdu, both troops and money, are far better than me, related to the master's business, can't let them have a chance."

"That's not, but general zhang said before, is at the end of the will remember the south of the brute people, heard that there is a rattan armor, soaked in tung oil for many years, invulnerable, into the water is not sink, if you can have this armor to help, why fear the guanzhong crossbow?" Yan yan sighed."Here!" Jiangdong people chorus promised, this period of time, but eat up the trousers of guan yu, now also finally able to exhale."Prepare for battle!" Tardif sighed, qu a position is too important, once qu a lost, guan yu's army can directly from the land, straight into danyang, of course, guan yu can also go by water, that way, tardif absolutely desirable.李熹子|




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