驸马 快跟本宫生个娃

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驸马 快跟本宫生个娃伊朗番红花白斑膏"Your majesty, the old camp is gone, gone!" Tanu hissed shrilly.What's more, in the gap so bright situation, the heart of timidity began to gradually in the slaughter of each, the first zero in the heart of a layer of lingering shadow."Strong man no strange, my young lady, she is actually very good." Keats sat down and examined the wound to zhaoyun, perhaps it was the result of a strong physique, zhaoyun not only survived in that situation, but also recovered quickly, the wound had scabbed.

After a while, zhang followed the guard in and bowed to jia xu and said, "I have seen you."Shook his head, perhaps tomorrow, the month will perish, as the king of the month, let him how to sleep, looking at the general, eyes with a bit of hope way: "sent to ask for help? When will general fei's reinforcements arrive?""But with these two thousand soldiers and horses, the four thousand slaughters will be much more honest." Jia xu laughed.驸马 快跟本宫生个娃"Kill! Kill! Kill!" < / p > < p > more than a thousand han soldiers raised the hands of the weapons, originally because of the heavy rain and low morale, at this moment again high, yue shi people also silently raised the weapons.

驸马 快跟本宫生个娃In the end, zhaoyun still did not leave, although the female doctor called Keats said that lu lingqi how how to get, but zhaoyun is not believe, martial arts may be good, but the battle field battle with the school is two different things, at least he can not feel the kind of real on the body of lu lingqi after the battlefield will have some killing.After zhang already left, jia xu is comfortable to lean on the back of the chair, touch armrest to lv bu to smile a way: "crafty camp makes these things, pour pour convenience many."

"Congratulations to the host level promotion, successful promotion to a side of the male, get the Lord skill - false dragon chi, get a random star growth opportunity once."What a pity, not to say, not to say, but not to avenge, to stay any longer would be a risk, not from lubbe himself, but from those who were with them, old Hanoi families.A clever qiang soldier smell speech heart move, on the face pile up a few minutes smiling face, stand up general han pull come over to sit down, hey smile way: "these we return true don't know, eldest brother tell us about."驸马 快跟本宫生个娃




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