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古今军事船都网青岛赛思日语学校Step root twenty thousand people but five big tribes, lyu3 bu4 can? That is not twenty thousand to more than ten thousand, what's more, kui head can't give twenty thousand military forces to lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 understanding of kui head, the goods can give ten thousand has been good, so calculate up, like looking for death."This is the way to Hsu-chang. Quick, cut him off!" Xu togeher eyes a bright, hurriedly let a person secretly intercept.This is not at the beginning of lyu3 bu4 in the west cool pastoral slope of the camp, cao cao is clearly ready for this battle, from a few years ago has consciously strengthened guandu defense, whether defense or all kinds of guarding city equipment are available.

"Inside the king's court, there is a mole!" Quebec head most shocked, or Wang Ting high-level mole, it is also the reason for this mole, killed his brother step to root, Quebec head eyes became red, gnashing teeth: "Who? Who is it that caused the step to root!"Of course, lyu3 bu4 this guarantee in three people with nearly fifty thousand military forces back to the king's court, became a little superfluous, kui head is very warm will serve two people as guests, good wine good meat reception, banquet room is more hissing, and lyu3 bu4, but again suffered from the cold.He is no longer young, and his son is about to grow up, he doesn't want to continue to let his son on the path of general, he hopes to give his son to fight out a birth.古今军事船都网"Now that I have said it today, Just talk about it, Corruption, since ancient times, It's all malpractice, As everyone knows, But look at the past, the governance of corruption is mainly to suppress, but Dayu control water, plugging is better than sparse, can not be blindly hit, or mainly to dredge, find out the crux of the problem, and then start from the root, improve the salary of officials, so that they are not forced by livelihood, forced to go to corruption, similarly, the law, corruption also to aggravate punishment, why? This salary to greed, what do you want to do? Say lightly, it's a moral issue, but say heavier, take so much money, do you want to revolt? Therefore, once verified by the Department of Justice, corrupt persons will be severely punished and those who are found guilty of treason, "he added.

古今军事船都网Listening to Han Sui's words, Daxi's heart was wide open, and he laughed aloud, "No, this time he's sitting behind my back!"According to lyu3 bu4's plan, Kui Tou did hit Daxi Xinjue a surprise, not from some complacent, looking at Daxi Xinjue in the canyon to rectify the army, can not help laughing: "Ha ha ha, this war, our army will win!""Lombardi, lost!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at giffin, smiled and said: "don't ask me how to know the news, but lombardi really lost, we must rob before lombardi back to the army, break the wild goose gate, bing!"

"He is, after all, the huns." Kui head to step to the root, behind the words did not say again, temuzhen ability is too big, xianbei king's court may not always be able to live in this person, careless, but will become temuzhen stepping stone."Host note, This system is not a medical system and can only be repaired forcibly through the energy collected by the host at the achievement point. The consumption of the achievement point is ten times that of the physical cultivation. The physical property of Xiongkuohai is up to four stars. The required consumption of the achievement point cannot be paid for by the current capacity of the host. The host can choose to save its life and need to consume 500,000 achievement points. "Carefully glanced at Murong GUI's face, continued: "Just at that time, it sounds a little absurd, but now with the news from the joint venture, is it not so?" The temuzhen unless can fly, otherwise why will suddenly appear outside the alliance, must be out of the king's court directly, but coby can have been accurate information in this time suddenly lost its effect, make to jin, coss two army routed, then, maybe it's our turn... "古今军事船都网




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